Figures & Shapes

Sommer kl
Couple – SUMMER
100×100 cm 
2008, picture No. 3470
acrylic, canvas
3370 1Judith Holofernes rot
46×50 cm
2007, picture No. 3370
acrylic on canvas
3131 Galeries Lafayette gro
Galeries Lafayette Berlin
100×140 cm
2005, picture No. 3131
acrylic, indian ink on canvas

Series: Galeries Lafayette
This picture shows a view from within the glass cone of the Galeries Lafayette in Berlin. It shows the view from above on a lower level with a bistro. You can see tables and guests as well as parts of the glass façade. The concept drawing was created directly on site, so the image is not drawn from a photograph.

3341 Irrwege der Tradition
Meanders of Tradition 
160×80 cm
2006, picture No. 3341
oil on canvas

Series: Faith and Tradition Serial: Belief & Tradition
There is a tension between faith and tradition, contradictions between what faith was originally supposed to be and what has become of it through petrified traditions.
I have recently dealt with the tension of faith and tradition. Wherever I see it, I notice these contradictions between what faith was originally supposed to be (turning to God and the basis for a harmonious co-existence in a society or of peoples among themselves) and what has become of it over the centuries through petrified traditions: justification for wars and crimes, dogmatic basis for ideological obstinacy and means of manipulating the masses by few. It is not that I think of religion as a “opium for the people”, but rather that religions, in their present forms, are far removed from their original, positive beings. By the way, I mean, the Jewish religion is not from my criticism. Irina Gerschmann


3320 Meine Odessa
60 x 50 cm
2006, picture no. 3320
acrylic on canvas