Selected bibliography:

North Bavarian News from November 14th, 2020
Irina Gerschmann, the director of the Hoechstadt art school, publishes an illustrated book about painting for children:
“There are many educational books on children’s drawings with numerous illustrations – but no book on children’s painting yet”
Article by Claudia Freilinger

Abendzeitung Munich, 22. 03.2018
OTTO gallery
On the way to the promised land

Erlangen News from the 22.03.2017
“Biblical Force in large formats” by Peter Millian

North Bavarian News from the 11.03.2017
“A modern woman who is aware to her roots”, by Gudrun Bayer 

Franconian Day from 09.03.2017

North Bavarian News from the 08.10.2016 

Franconian Day from 07.10.2016 

Franconian day, “in francs” 30.09.2012  
“Art students prove their creativity”, by: Mona Lisa’s own field

North Bavarian News from the 26.09.2012
“Colourful kaleidoscope from the work of the Höchstädter art students”

Franconian Day (ft) from 24.11.2011
“Young art lands in the Landtag”

North Bavarian News (NN) from 22.10.2010
“Chagall’s image World inspired”, exhibition opening in the museum-also student pictures are shown-

Franconian Day (ft) from 22.10.2010
“Chagall or pupil’s works?” The Association culture Erlangen-Höchstadt presents in collaboration with the City Museum of Herzogenaurach lithographs from the series “Bible and Creation” by Marc Chagall.

Franconian Day (ft) from 02.10.2009
Poster campaign of the Bavarian art schools “conquers the streets and heads”

Franconian Day (ft) from 07.05.2009
“Forum for Artists”-in the district of Erlangen, works by Irina Gerschmann herself as well as some of her students from the art school Höchstadt can be seen in an exhibition. The district Administrator Irlinger emphasizes the importance of art schools.

New Press (NP) from July 21, 2008
“With Noah’s Ark in search of Traces”-Report on the exhibition of Irina Gerschmann in the synagogue Kronach

Franconian Day (FT) from July 21, 2008
“The individual is important”-Report on the exhibition of Irina Gerschmann in the synagogue Kronach

Nürnberger Zeitung (NZ), 19 July 
“Between easels and clothes stands”, by Sabine Göb

Franconian Day (FT) from 18 July
“Eternal Procession of Jewish history”-Report on the exhibition of Irina Gerschmann in the synagogue Kronach

Jewish General (yes) of the 15.02.2007
“I appreciate the province”-full page report with photo and interview about Irina Gerschmann as part of the series “Jewish immigrants in Germany”

Franconian Day (ft) from 17.11.2006
Exhibition Vitalhotel-Zentrum, Höchstadt

Evening newspaper (AZ) Munich vom 01.07.2006
To the 15 years existence of the Artists ‘ Association “dialog”-exhibition by Irina Gerschmann at Galerie Art-21, Munich

Franconian Day (ft) from 06.01.2006
Personal interview about the biography

Franconian Day (ft) from 16.12.2005
Report on the fashion and art exhibition in the Höchstadt Tower

North Bavarian News (NN) from 06.09.2005
Pre-report Höchstadter culture Night

Evening newspaper (AZ) Munich vom 26.04.2005
Report on exhibition in Galerie Art-21, Munich

Apparel/wear (BW), issue 18/1996
Designer portrait: Irina Gerschmann